Q: What are the distinctive aspects of your community?

A: There are many differences to a scholé community than other classical communities you may be familiar with. We are about intentional learning, contemplation, conversations, virtue formation, and developing an atmosphere of servanthood through our partnership with the community. We pursue the traditional mental rigor of classical education without the over rigorous pacing.  We also have a touch of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy woven throughout our community that is seen in our later start to English grammar (4th grade), our focus on students forming relationships with what they are learning, and our nature based programs, to give a few examples.  We use embodied learning strategies in all classes, which is the art of experiences and not just explanations to teach.  We maintain our pursuit of excellence in the classical tradition without the traditional rigor in pacing only (we do still have the mental rigor associated with classical learning). We slow things down, take time to really dig deep, and make learning memorable, and permanent.  We put practices in place to help with virtue formation, recognizing that we are educating hearts as well as heads. Christ is at the center of all we teach. We teach many of our classes outdoors in the beautiful grounds we are surrounded with, weather permitting.

Q: Can I join this community and a Classical Conversations™ Community or other homeschool community as well?

A: No. We ask that families not join SGCA Inc. with their children that are also in a CC program. The workload we require, while not as rigorously paced as most classical communities, does still require families to be diligent in getting the “core-work” completed on a weekly basis.  We have found that families that join both end up not participating fully, and it becomes an experience in surveying our courses, instead of a deep dive into the course work.  If you have an older student that is enrolled in one of CC’s challenge IV-V programs and would like to place your younger students with SGCA Inc., we are supportive of this scenario.  Ideally, we would prefer to see families be committed to one community, whichever community they are most closely aligned with philosophically.

Q: Do you provide any training for parents to become better classical educators?

A: We do! There are multiple benefits to being part of our Scholé Group. One of those is access to teacher-training courses from ClassicalU. We coordinate Mom events where moms get together to focus our own hearts on truth, beauty, and goodness.  This is also a time of encouragement, fun and fellowship with one another.

Q: Does Sola Gratia Classical Academy Inc. have a Statement of Faith?

A: We do! See the Our Group tab on the webpage. We are a Christian community with a Biblical Worldview lens that we teach all subjects from.

Q: What role do parents play at Sola Gratia Classical Academy Inc.?

A: Parents are an integral part of the community. Parents are given a sign-up at the beginning of the year where they can elect which Learning Celebration they will commit to for fulfilling the yearly requirement of service. These occur on Fridays in the evening about 6 times or so per year.  Learning Celebrations such as a Science Fair, Wax Museum, Poetry Cafe, Latin Saturnalia Feast, and Theater Production, to name a few.  There are also a few scheduled during the day for a Schole’ lunch period on occasion. They mainly take place during Friday evenings to allow Dads and extended family to participate and see what the kids are working on and learning. Dads and grandparents, as well as friends and other extended family, are all welcome during any of our learning celebration events!

If you are a parent who likes to be more involved; we hire parents who are qualified to teach classes, work in areas such as assistants in lower elementary classrooms, art, nature and nursery.  We also hire parents to be playground facilitators for our lunchtime games. We do want to minister to parents when we can and be flexible. Therefore, we offer a drop off carpool for parents convenience. We welcome parents to remain on campus with us and experience the day with their child, as well. We hope this flexibility is refreshing for our parents and further enables them to pursue a scholé homeschool.

Parents are a collaborative part of our community and their input is valued and listened to.  You can always feel free to contact the Director with any ideas or input you may have.

Q: What behavior is expected of students during campus day?

A: Students are expected to be respectful and ready to receive instruction from the Academic Mentors and assisting adults on campus. They are also expected to be kind to their fellow students, following the “golden rule.” We will be working on virtues community wide and hoping to further cultivate these qualities in our children throughout the year with many opportunities. Academic Mentors and the Director have discretion to require parents to remain on campus and revoke drop-off privileges for any given student, if they see a student is unable to demonstrate the required behavior for the community. It is suggested parents sign up for the community with the ability to be on campus weekly, in case their child needs them to be there.  In addition, we do require that students participate fully in our curricula and classes weekly.  Students can be dismissed without refund, if they fail to meet our requirements for class participation.

Q: Where do I buy the required textbooks for my child?

A: We use many Classical Academic Press materials which can be purchased directly from them, if desired. Curriculum can also be found new or used via online sites or at the Homeschool Gathering Place located in Raleigh, NC.

Q: How do I apply to have my children admitted into Sola Gratia Classical Academy Inc.?

A:  E-mail solagratiaclassicalacademy@gmail.com for an application link, and to ensure there are openings.

Q: Is there a discount for families with multiple children enrolled?

A: Our pricing is very discounted in comparison to anything offered in our area.  In our area, one class for a year will cost $300-$600!  We are offering 10 high quality classes taught per week and our pricing includes a Schole’ lunch performer on Wednesdays.  We felt this was a more fair way to price our community, rather than inflating the costs for everyone in order to discount for some families.

Q: May my child eat lunch during campus day?

A: Yes, please pack a lunch for your student. We only allow water to drink, no juice boxes or soda please while on campus, to protect the Church’s carpets and keep bees away when we are outside.  We would just ask that you pack a healthy lunch and prefer there be very low sugary foods/treats. 🙂

Q: Is there a dress code at Sola Gratia Classical Academy Inc.?

A: Yes, there is a dress code. You can purchase uniform shirts at www.landsend.com.  They have SGCA monogrammed uniform polo shirts in our school color of cobalt and sweaters in charcoal/black to go over them if desired.  Your student is required to wear black, blue or khaki shorts, pants or skorts/skirts to go with the uniform shirts. You can read more about this policy under “About” and then “Our Handbook” on the main menu.