What is included in my student’s tuition?

Small Class Sizes

We seek to keep our classes between 14 and 16 students.

In Lower Elementary classrooms (K-3rd) we provide an additional helper in the class, making the student to mentor ratio between 7 or 8 to 1.

Virtue Formation

Virtue formation is the heart of our program and what sets us apart from other classical communities.  We are educating hearts as well as heads, helping students to order their loves. We seek to cultivate virtues in our students through:

  • Weekly virtues taught and reinforced in our Lower Grammar students
  • Virtue focused Morning Time for our Upper Grammar through High School students
  • Continual service projects for our Upper Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric students
  • Community invited guests to share True, Good, and Beautiful things with our students
  • Our Rhetoric School Leadership Program, Sentores Solae Gratiae 
Weekly Academic Instruction

We provide 2 Full Days (8:55am-3:30pm) of Academic Instruction for 34 weeks for our K-3rd Lower Grammar Students.

We provide 2 Full Days (8:55am-3:30pm) of Academic Instruction for 35 weeks for our 4th- 6th Upper Grammar and 7th-8th Logic students.

We provide 2 Full Days (8:50am-3:30pm) and a 3/4 quarter day (9:30am-2pm) for 35 weeks for our 9th – 12th Rhetoric Students.  (Senatores attend an additional leadership class from 8:45am – 9:30pm.)

We offer an optional enrichment class for students in K-3rd on Fridays (10am-2pm).  This allows for parents with older students to work with them alone, while their younger ones are entertained in a fun learning environment.

Academic Mentors

Our Academic Mentors are passionate, highly qualified “masters of their art”.  Our Academic Mentors provide the core instruction for your student’s in class experience.  They plan and prep materials, provide a scope and sequence for the direction of the course, and plan materials for the student to continue learning from home.  Our Academic Mentors provide so much more than instruction to your students; they nurture the student’s virtue formation and cultivate a love for lifelong learning!

Core Work Assignments

We recognize the importance of repetition and practice for a student to master the materials they are learning.  We also recognize that your life is busy, so our academic mentors do the heavy lifting for you.  We provide the assignments for your student to complete at home, effectively creating a 4-5 day program for each student. 

As a parent, you can expect to be a guide to your student helping them when they have questions, but you will not have to plan out any curriculum course work!  


Free Class Reach Account

Class Reach is a system that allows you to see all your students in one place!  You will find each students classes and assignments for those classes through Class Reach!  You can also easily communicate with your student’s Academic Mentors.  You can see and print grade reports and attendance reports for your students.  Class Reach makes homeschooling with Sola Gratia simple!

We provide a Class Reach account to both parents and students at no cost!

Encouraging and Equipping Parents

We know that homeschooling is a challenging calling, and from time to time you need to know you’re not alone!  We provide several mom’s events throughout the year which give you the encouragement and refreshment you need to keep being the mother you are called to be! 

Contemplative Lunches

Monthly, we provide an opportunity for our students to watch a performance or presentation while they are eating.  We call this contemplative lunch!  The type of people we bring in are musician, authors, artists, dog trainers, theater performers or other unique talents that will help our students learn to love things that are true, good, and beautiful.  These lunches provide intentional spaces of contemplation for our students and help them envision ways the Lord may one day allow them to use their own gifts and talents to bring Him glory.

Learning Celebrations

We provide ways to celebrate your student’s accomplishments throughout the year to punctuate what students are learning and provide parents with the opportunity to see their students growth and successes.  Some of our learning celebrations have included:

  • Science Fair
  • Wax Museum
  • Founder’s Lunch
  • Theater/Choir performances
  • End of Year Academic/Virtue Awards
Field Trip Opportunities

We plan monthly field trips for you and your students to join.  Field Trips are an excellent way to meet and interact with other families.  Field Trips are also a great way to provide fun and meaningful learning experiences outside of the the typical classroom setting.  Field trips are always optional, and some may have additional costs.

What cost should I plan for in addition to tuition?

New Family Enrollment Fees

$275 per student, $800 max per family, due within 5 days of acceptance of your application.

Returning Family Enrollment Fees

$225 per student, $650 max per family, due annually in February for re-enrollment in the community

Curriculum Books & Supplies

We provide curriculum links and a supply list for our families each summer.  Cost will vary depending on grade.  We strive to keep these costs as minimal as possible while still choosing quality curriculum.

Families may opt to purchase new or gently used curriculum.  Often times our families will connect with one another to sell gently used curriculum from previous years to one another.  Much of our curriculum can also be found on consignment.  

Located in Cary, NC (Wake County), conveniently off the belt line and Interstate 40.

Contact the Director at solagratiaclassicalacademy@gmail.com to inquire about specific class space or with any further questions.

Terms of Payment

A registration fee of $275 per family is due upon receipt of your Application and is non-refundable once your family is accepted into our program.  Once your deposit is paid and your student(s) are accepted into a class, you are contractually obligated to pay the year’s tuition balance, including yearly enrollment fees, even if you leave the program mid-semester.  We offer 3 different payment plans to choose from!  If you would like to split your tuition into two payments or 10 monthly payments from April to January, you may elect to do so with the use of ACH withdrawal (no checks) and an additional fee of $50 per student for administrative costs added to tuition pricing.  Checks for payment in full should be made payable to Sola Gratia Classical Academy Inc.  If a family selects a pay in full tuition plan but then changes their mind to a different payment plan, their initial withdrawal will be for all monies due up to that date.


Sola Gratia Classical Academy Inc. does not provide refunds for tuition, and all monies due remain due in the case of student withdrawal, as per the ACH/Financial Agreement parents sign. Commitments have been made to Academic Mentors salaries, building costs, materials/supplies, etc. and therefore, we can not refund monies to families that decide to not continue with our community once their application and deposit has been received, and they are accepted into our community.  This applies to both student withdrawals prior to the school’s start or during the course of the academic year. 

If your student/family is asked to leave the program for any violations in behavior both by student or parent, as well as any violations to our handbook policies, no refunds are given.  If a family fails to pay their tuition, their student(s) will be unable to return to SGCA.

Tuition Assistance

Prior to inquiring about assistance with the cost of the program, applicants are encouraged to check our open positions page. We pay very competitively with additional benefits offered to Academic Mentors and their students.

Partial scholarships are available in LIMITED quantities with approved applications.  Scholarships are for a single academic year only.  Approval in a previous year does not guarantee approval in a subsequent year.

We recognize the varying needs of our community.  If you have questions concerning tuition assistance or open positions please contact the Director at solagratiaclassicalacademy@gmail.com.

Open Registration

Beginning January 15th currently enrolled students will be able to re-register to secure their place for the following school year.  Registration will then be open to families outside of the community on February 1st.  You may submit an application anytime, and it will be held until February 1st.

You can find SGCA listed on www.homeschoolmom.com!