College Preparatory with Honors Classes

The SGCA high school program exists to cultivate wisdom and virtue in its students in order for them to become leaders and light bearers. We encourage students to live out a Biblical worldview. By means of the liberal arts of dialectic and rhetoric, we prepare students to think well, reason well, and persuade convincingly for the glory of God.

Class Offerings for 9th – 11th grades:

  • Algebra 1       
  • Geometry*       
  • Algebra 2


  • Environmental Sciences*       
  • Biology*       
  • Chemistry
  • Weekly Science Labs 1.5 hours
  • Latin I/II     
  • Spanish I/II         
  • National Latin Exam
  • US and World History 1850-2000*
  • Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings*
  • Traditional Logic I & II             
  • Everyday Debate & Discussion
  • Biblical Worldview       
  • Christian Ethics         
  • Intro to Biblical Greek
  • Epistemology (The Power of Questions)
  • Theater    
  • Fine Arts       
  • Physical Education

*Denotes Honors classes offered in these subject areas



Rhetoric School Leadership Program

The development of leadership/collaborative skills, and mentoring opportunities for high school students. Our leadership program is a special opportunity within SGCA for those students who are academic achievers with high integrity.   Students will receive mentoring, leadership training classes, service hours/opportunities, and encouragement throughout the school year from their Advisor.

  1. Students will need to remain in good academic standing, and must maintain an B+ average or higher to remain a Senator.  
  2. Students should demonstrate a high standard of behavior when on and off campus, refraining from getting into any situations that would require documented disciplinary action.  
  3. Each Senator serves a minimum of 8 hours per semester within the community.  
  1. Friday Leadership Training curriculum for Senatores only, led by an Advisor
  2. Committee choices to be a part of with an assigned Advisors
  3. Mentoring from your Committee Advisor
  4. Service hours and opportunities with tracking and certificate at year end
  5. Special Senatores only social outings